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Take a look at Retrograde Planets Calendar 2013 and find out how it will affect you with a forecast on the major events that are likely to occur when the planets start their retrograde motion.

In 2013, we notice that the astrologers’ favorite – Mercury – goes retrograde 3 times. What does Mercury retrograde has in store for you? Check out the video below to find out!

Retrograde Planets 2013 – Calendar* and Forecast

18 Feb 04:13 pm GMT Tran-Tran 
Saturn Retrograde in 08th House

Retrograde Planets - SaturnSaturn slows down your current activities so that you are given a better chance to become more efficient and start making sensible plans and methods enabling you to make the most later of any real endeavors. Global enterprises or expectations may undergo delays or unaccountable setbacks. Unforeseen commitments and responsibilities enter your life and demand your time and energy, as an example this could be “unfinished business” neglected previously and must now be attended to, before you can move ahead. Duties at hand must now be handled with patience, endurance, and inner steadiness. Saturn is teaching you to slow down, halt the ego, and become more thorough and organized. This is not a good time to make a career change or attempt to disrupt your status in the community, it is a better time to make adjustments or changes within your current position. Do not actively seek out extra obligations since they could prove more draining than anticipated. Work on your inner structures which are needed for psychological strength, which will later be of great assistance.

23 Feb 09:42 am GMT Tran-Tran
Mercury Retrograde in 01st House

Retrograde Planets - MercuryThis begins a three-week period during which you have the opportunity to refine and perhaps repurpose the way you project yourself in your surroundings. Round off the raw edges and pull in any potential entanglements that might be slowing you down. You have not only the right, but sometimes the obligation, to change your mind in order to insure consistency and personal impact. Toward the end, this may particularly include tightening up solutions to previously resolved issues to be sure they are well in hand. When you’ve got all your ducks in a row, you won’t have to look back.


12 Apr 03:20 pm GMT Tran-Tran 
Pluto Retrograde in 11th House

Retrograde Planets - PlutoThe more aware you can become of this transit the less soul wrenching this transit will become. All you will seem to understand is that tensional matters from your past that were already disturbing enough, is to psychologically confront then once more as they are in your direct life path now and need to be re-examined. Pluto is only concerned with confronting us with the essence of that which you have not transformed to a higher level of expression. Pluto reasons this is your problem to work out, not Pluto’s. From an objective point of view, this transit suggests that you have an opportunity, looking to the house involved, to back track your steps and find obvious sources of power (hidden) previously overlooked, that can now help you further your objectives in this area once well unearthed. You should look at the degree of discipline, emotional self-mastery, and even appetite-control at this time. This can be an excellent time for the self-aware person to apply penetrating insight towards opening those wayward parts of your inner self that now need a rebirth. Pluto in a retrograde transit can clearly clean out hidden weak spots with its probing abilities. Should you be lacking in self-awareness you will not be able to seek out the true potentials available at this time.

07 Jun 03:06 am GMT Tran-Tran 
Neptune Retrograde in 01st House

Retrograde Planets - NeptuneSince Neptune is characteristically subtle, evasive and is difficult to define in material terms all planetary aspects must be considered for this transit to be consciously understood. Much of this transit is theoretical and speculative and can only truly be understood by you on a deep level while you are in the transit. Retrograde transiting Neptune stirs up unresolved conditions from the past (even in this present life) that can emotionally change you psychologically. Neptune can trigger underground, often neglected feelings within you that run very deep. Try to be more reflective, and you will then be able to obtain inner guidance to allow you to and get in touch with these unsettled feelings. Because of the deceptive nature of Neptune outer structures are slowly weakening, losing support, and are becoming less stable, even if on the outside it may not seem so, and you should look deep inside of yourself for the answers. You will then recognize emotionally deprived parts of yourself that now need caring, compassionate concern. However you may have to experience a few of these transits as deeper layers of the self are penetrated.

26 Jun 01:04 pm GMT Tran-Tran 
Mercury Retrograde in 05th House
Retrograde Planets - MercuryPlayful creativity can be a hallmark of the next three weeks, but only if you are willing to let it take its course wherever it leads. Don’t expect to follow a straight track but go where things lead you until you start to establish a pattern. Only then can you get back to the main highway after an enlightening detour onto the scenic route. Don’t be surprised if this muddies previously held opinions toward the end, as the new alternatives you will be finding will more than make up for any inconveniences or confusions experienced along the way.


17 Jul 02:14 pm GMT Tran-Tran 
Uranus Retrograde in 01st House

Retrograde Planets - UranusPersonal plans can be disrupted due to environmental conditions and throw your intentions of course. Structures quickly break down as situations challenge the status quo of activities. This transit can help put you in touch with needs for personal freedom of self-expression that have been unfinished until this point in time. With the Uranus retrograde transit intuitive impulses turn inwardly and you may be able to stumble upon new ways of expression that would result greater self-illumination. You may not note much outwardly, but it will be stunning on your subjective levels and you will never see things quite the same way again in this area of your life. When mismanaged you may experience a period of strange mishaps which can rarely be analyzed or explained. The best way of using this period is to prompt you to look below the surface of matters to discover deeper, hidden causes previously ignored and to look at these matters in pure day light and objectivity. Uranus retrograde can give you great mental empowerment if you are willing to be honest and self-revealing about your life.

21 Oct 10:23 am GMT Tran-Tran
Mercury Retrograde in 08th House

Retrograde Planets - MercuryIf you can spend the next three weeks redeploying your debts and reallocating resources, you will not regret it. In fact, it may simply be a necessity to pick up loose ends and take a second look at whether you are unnecessarily overextended. With a little tweaking, you could be sitting in the catbird seat, but you’ll need to test the wind to get some height. Pick up on assets you’ve neglected or forgotten about, and you’ll have all you need. Make new friends, but keep the old; one is silver, but the other’s gold – in ways you hadn’t even thought about.


07 Nov 04:44 am GMT Tran-Tran
Jupiter Retrograde in 05th House

Retrograde Planets - JupiterThis is not a good time to move towns or cities, to travel overseas, or to finalize any large  financial or legal deals. On the positive side this phase is a good time for gaining deeper insights into spiritual or philosophical matters, as inner knowledge can flow more from the super conscious and can reach the conscious self. Look for the house in the natal chart to seek contentment. Belief in oneself is very strong although this is kept within and joviality may be subdued. When Jupiter turns direct again you will have adopted fresh new attitudes which can elevate you in a more purposefully and fulfilling way in your community. If Jupiter has other stressful aspects, inspirations may be stronger and intense, but these are not reliable and judgement could be faulty.

21 Dec 09:53 pm GMT Tran-Tran
Venus Retrograde in 12th House

Retrograde Planets - VenusAt this period, it may be somewhat difficult to put a finger on exactly what/whom it is you want to get your hands on. The urgency of desire does not yield enough specifics, leaving you wondering what’s going on. Final decisions are best not made, especially ones about how you feel, as there may be good things for you assembling in the wings that you don’t know about and which you don’t want to cut yourself off from. Time is not of the essence, even if it seems like it, and some retrospection on who and what has served you well in the past will serve you well now. Feel yourself out before you tie yourself up.

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Retrograde AstrologyIf you were sitting in a train alongside another train in a railroad station, you may see the other train begin to move backward. However, you won’t know if that train is moving backward or yours if moving forward, especially if your train moves off smoothly and slowly. In the same way, the apparent motion between the earth and its sister planets makes it seem that the other planets  are moving backward around the zodiac. Actually the planets all move around the zodiac in the same direction at all times.

This apparent backward motion of the planets is called “retrograde” motion. It occurs in  several stages. First the planet seems to stand still, then it backs up through the signs, stands  still again, and then resumes its forward motion. The Sun and Moon are never in retrograde motion. The amount of time that a planet spends in retrograde motion depends on the planet’s orbit, varying from about twenty-two days for nearby Mercury to about 160 days for distant Pluto.

A popular misconception is that retrograde planets  signify something unpleasant . It’s easy to see why. A retrograde planet prolongs the influence of that planet in its sign and house of a horoscope. If that influence happens to be an unpleasant one, the prolonged unpleasantness will be blamed on that retrograde condition. In all fairness, if retrograde planets are producing pleasant circumstances, that too will be prolonged by the retrograde planets.

* Retrograde planets motion in 2013 is calculated for GMT time zone

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