Gemini numerology horoscope

Gemini numerology horoscope

Gemini Numerology horoscope is based on the following calculations:

Total for each letter:
1   2   3   4   5   6   7   8   9
A=0 B=0 C=0 D=0 E=1 F=0 G=1 H=0 I=2
J=0 K=0 L=0 M=1 N=1 O=0 P=0 Q=0 R=0
S=0 T=0 U=0 V=0 W=0 X=0 Y=0 Z=0

Consonant Total: 7  (16)
Vowel Total: 5  (23)
Grand Total: 3  (39)
Missing Number(s) are: 1 2 6 8
First letter is G
First vowel is E

The Soul Number of Gemini is FIVE.

A deep inner restlessness and discontent with the status quo makes Gemini seek out adventure, excitement, and the unconventional. You thrive on new ideas, change, travel, experimenting with new ways of doing things. Predictability and routine make you feel lifeless and unhappy so you must find a lifestyle that is varied enough to be mentally stimulating and challenging. Independent, freedom-loving, and easily bored, you have trouble making commitments and finishing projects. You often “move on” prematurely, whether in a personal relationship or in your work. You need to develop discipline and perseverance when you have an important goal.

You have many talents and need many outlets and avenues for their expression, but try to finish one thing before attempting the next.

Gemini also learns quickly and enjoys “turning on” others to new horizons and discoveries. Getting people out of their mental ruts and sparking their minds may be what you do best.

The Personality Number of Gemini is SEVEN.

Quiet elegance, poise and refinement characterize your outward appearance. You seem stately, reserved, and aloof, with a dignified bearing that bids others to stay at a respectful distance.

Gemini is hard to get to know and meet, and there is an aura of depth, secrecy, and mystery about Gemini. You keep much to yourself. You may give the impression of being a loner for you seem self-sufficient, and you keep you own counsel.

Actually, Gemini is quite sensitive and shy, and has difficulty communicating in a free and friendly manner. Though gracious and always displaying impeccable manners, there is often a formal or restrained quality about your interactions with others. Frequently you will simply observe and analyze what is going on around you, and say nothing. When you do voice an opinion, others listen and respect what you say.

Very often you are happiest by yourself, reading or enjoying nature. Being near the ocean is especially satisfying and rejuvenating for you. In clothing, you prefer classic or simple lines, and avoid bright, loud colors.

The Destiny Number of Gemini is THREE.

Bringing beauty, color, happiness, and pleasure into the lives of others is your path in life. You possess a natural sense of harmonious rhythm which enables you to express yourself freely and fluently.

Musical, artistic, or gifted with the spoken or written word, you should develop and refine your inherent creativity.

Your sense of humor, cheerfulness, congeniality, and ability to make friends wherever you go are also wonderful assets which will aid you in whatever field you choose. Your friends, and even people who don’t know you but who respond to your warmth and enthusiasm, are always ready to help you, and you find that life seems to be on your side, opportunities and benefits flow your way. Since you attract so much so easily, you may become averse to real effort and hard work, but you need to develop discipline and focus if your creative potentials are to blossom fully. Your love of romance, play, and pleasure are both advantages and disadvantages. It’s great to know how to play and enjoy life, but try not to fritter away all your time.

The Missing Number(s) of Gemini are:

ONE: Gemini lacks courage, forcefulness, decisiveness, and a strong sense of self. You need to build up your confidence in yourself, assert yourself more boldly, and rely more on your own wisdom and approval rather than always looking to others for direction and answers. Try to discover you unique talents, what you do best, and develop them.

TWO: Gemini is frequently inconsiderate of others and lacks the ability to truly cooperate, compromise, and appreciate the other person’s point of view. Gemini needs to develop a sensitive awareness of others’ needs and concerns. You give only what you want to give and relate only on your own terms. Try to be more flexible.

SIX: Gemini lacks domesticity and is disinclined to take on the responsibilities of a home and family. The desire to devote yourself to the care and well-being of others is not strong in you. You may neglect the needs of your family and feel minimal interest in the welfare of those in your community. Try to develop more loving concern for others, and realize that the personal touch and caring is more valuable than any strictly material gift you could give.

EIGHT: Gemini lacks business sense and may have little interest or ambition for material achievements and success. You can be very impractical and naive about finances, investments, legal procedures, and the ways of the world, thereby making foolish decisions. Try to develop an interest and an education in these matters to prevent regrettable and costly mistakes of judgment in your finances. You need to learn to manage time and resources more efficiently.

Gemini disdains commercialism and doesn’t understand its value. Therefore you are unlikely to be able to sell either products or ideas to others, which in turn may prevent you from sharing your creative efforts with a wide audience.

The First Vowel of Gemini is E.

Your instinctive response to any situation is CURIOSITY. You want to look at it, learn about it, experience it. You ask a lot of questions. You study and educate yourself before plunging in to any situation. You need intellectual freedom and have an eager, enquiring mind. You have keen senses and are clear, perceptive, and interested in the world around you. An avid student or reader, you cannot keep your thoughts, insights, and ideas to yourself. You feel impelled to share them. The facile use of words, whether written or spoken, is something that comes easily to Gemini. You thrive on conversation and a constant flow of interchange with your companions. You are friendly and open to new people and new ideas – but want all the facts before you commit yourself to anything.

The First Initial of Gemini is G.

Thoughtful, deep, and analytical, Gemini has a strong desire to understand the inner workings and underlying causes of any situation. You often appear reserved and may make others uncomfortable, for you seem to be able to see past superficial appearances into their deeper motivations and feelings, while keeping your own something of a mystery.

You are introspective and inclined to intellectual pursuits, and the study of religion, philosophy, or psychology is particularly interesting to you. You have high ideals and strong convictions regarding ethical matters You set high standards and can be intolerant and unforgiving when you or others don’t live up to them.

Also, Gemini wants the very best of everything and has a passion for quality.

*Gemini Numerology horoscope is prepared based on The Athena Numerology Report for Gemini using Kepler Astrology Software.

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